Why Having Less Following Is a Blessing in Disguise

The optimistic way to look at the low number but keep on the good work.

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Believe me- small is beautiful, or at least tell your heart so.

The whole millennial world, after money, is after followers. They try to woo followers in whatever ways possible- by hook or crook. Some earn them, some get lucky, while some remain with less.

But, can less following be helpful, in any way?
Let’s start discussing these follower-fallacies with an optimistic quote.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

I’ve made peace with the fact that having not much following on social media is not that bad. Massive following is tempting, no doubt, but a little following is peaceful. With a long enough experience of living with fewer followers, I’ve come up with the boons it has provided me. Trust me, they are too important to be ignored.

1. Liberty of experimenting

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The less-following comes up with less-eyes on your work. It is not arguable to say that you feel more tempted to experiment when there are not many people who judge you on the work.
Who doesn’t like to experiment? We all do. But it needs the courage to face any wrath the followers may throw. Of course, with the higher following, it becomes difficult thinking what they would say on our stunts. On the other hand, the low number comes up with the low probability of getting bashed and, thus, a higher likelihood of doing experiments we always wanted to make.

2. Precious ‘likes,’ ‘comments,’ and ‘shares’

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Remember your graduation picture, which had hundreds of likes. Good times, isn’t it? Do you remember all those who liked and commented on it?
Now, remember your thorough researched post, which got just tens of likes? Do you remember all those who liked and commented on it? Probably you do the latter. Why? Because it is easy when the number is low. Those likes, comments, shares, although lacking in good numbers, bears a high value. I know the comparison is not full-proof, but you get my point, don’t you?

With your low following, you get precious responses. Save them.

3. Shows consistency

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Perseverance. My favorite word. Perseverance.

No matter how many people are applauding for your efforts, keep on doing the good work. The fun fact- this applies not only to social media but to real life.

Do not pay much heed to the low likes you are getting due to the low following (but remember those are ‘precious’ ones), and keep on creating good content. Your posts then speak for yourself. They show your consistency to those who have a good pair of eyes to recognize the pattern- This person consistently creates good stuff despite not getting much attention. The person must be a rockstar.

4. No compulsion

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You are the BOSS. Celebrate it.

You have full control of your account. You have no compulsion to post something just for the sake of posting something. You need not be in your follower’s limelight (read feed) so they do not forget you.
You post whenever you like it, whenever you feel good about it. You post whenever your heart and all its counterparts give a green signal.
There is no compulsive-posting-syndrome here just to please some random followers (thinking they will leave you if you do not post).

5. Challenges your perseverance

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Perseverance. My favorite word. Perseverance.
I repeat.

Success is a game of hard work.
I do not deny that if you get a boost of appreciation, the journey feels smooth. Appreciation comes from the people who feel your work. But what if they are less in number? Less appreciation (but precious, remember), but if you want to be successful, you need to keep up the good work. So, in a way, fewer followers challenge your perseverance. When you feel those challenges, remember you are on the success path. Let’s take it up.

Author. IITian. Software Professional.