The optimistic way to look at the low number but keep on the good work.

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Believe me- small is beautiful, or at least tell your heart so.

The whole millennial world, after money, is after followers. They try to woo followers in whatever ways possible- by hook or crook. Some earn them, some get lucky, while some remain with less.

But, can less following be helpful, in any way?
Let’s start discussing these follower-fallacies with an optimistic quote.

I’ve made peace with the fact that having not much following on social media is not…

And how it affected me slowly and silently

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The idea of work-from-home fascinated me the moment I stepped into the corporate world. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to experience it before 2020. Ironically, in this year, work-from-home is forced upon.
There is no other way; WFH is the way. It is the way of working in the pandemic.

WFH is impressive, primarily as it saves traveling time and traffic-jam headaches. You can work wearing super-comfy clothes from your favorite, comfortable places in the house (wherever you get the WiFi signal). You have your family around. Moreover, you…

source: IMDB
Source: IMDB

When I watched the trailer of The Queen’s Gambit, where the actress Anya Taylor-Joy roams around like a Chess queen (literally! Look at her posture!) and the way she exchanges pieces on board, I made up my mind to watch the series. As the poster clearly shows, the Queen’s Gambit revolves around three prominent elements- the protagonist girl Beth Harmon, the game of Chess, and the addiction. Interesting trio.

The series is well-curated, where they give us a visual treat of the Chess atmosphere decades back, especially in the cold-war era.

The only complaint one can make about the series…

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